We believe in better - Eco-Friendly + Sustainable!

We believe in better - Eco-Friendly + Sustainable!

Creating Eco-friendly dog treats is super important to us. As humans we want to nourish our bodies with good wholesome foods - and we want to do the same for our pets!

At Wildly Carved we lead by example. There are several drivers in creating more sustainable practices in the pet industry. To make our company zero waste is a tall order given all the government regulations regarding consumables, however, we tend to do what's best!

For us, we prioritized safe, natural human-grade ingredients that are free of preservatives, as well as reusable packaging where possible.

Our Human-Grade dog treats contain all natural ingredients no preservatives, wheat, corn or soy and during the manufacturing process we recycle any waste and packaging.

We have also introduced our new drawstring bag! If you purchase from us at any of the national pet trade shows, at local pet refuge outreach centers or purchase $40 or more from our website you will receive a free reusable Wildly Carved drawstring bag!

Of course, as we grow we will introduce more ways to become a more Eco-friendly sustainable small business.

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