A Wild Story!

We needed solutions. Our dog was rage eating the trash like an all-you-can-eat buffet when we left the house and nothing would stop her from eating our Christmas tree - lights, glass Christmas balls and all.

We adopted our pitty when she was a tiny, six week-old pup, and from the moment she came home with us, she was a Garbage Gut. She seemed to abide by the philosophy: If I don’t know what it is, I’ll eat it and find out.

This of course led to digestive issues and many other things. What was the solution? Homemade, soft baked dog treats seemed to do the trick. Knowing she would get these flavorful delicious treats from us or the kids when we walked in the door almost made her realize, was eating the trash really worth it?

Wildly Carved was born in our kitchen, clashing bowls and kids covered in flour. We made a lot of messes along the way, but we found the perfect solution. Arria has a wonderfully wild spirit, and who knows, maybe her desire to eat everything insight was really just her trying to eat her way back into the wild. Back into nature. Back into the center of her boldness.

That’s why it’s her spirit we invoke in our products. We set out to create a line of treats that were ahead of the curve when it comes to nutrition. What does that mean? That means that Wildly Carved treats contain only human-grade foods (hey, you can snack on them too, if that’s your thing). All of our products are preservative free, corn-free, wheat-free, soy-free, glycerin-free.* They are also soft-baked, not crunchy, which means dogs of any age will find them easy to eat. They are flavorful, healthful, and sustainably packaged. We also guarantee that every ingredient is 100% American-sourced, and everything is packaged in the USA, too.